Giving back

Never before in history has international travel been restricted to the extreme level it is today with more than 200 countries and territories worldwide restricting or deterring people from entering their respective borders. The massive shutdown has cost countries billions of tourism dollars, turning the tourism industry into one of the largest casualties of the coronavirus outbreak.

The impact being felt by small businesses around the world who depend on tourism has been devastating. Many chefs, artists, and makers who we have reached out to are pressing onward, but worry about a second wave coming and having to permanently close their doors if this continues.

When we heard this, we knew we had to find a way to help. We’re pledging to give back 20% of profit directly to the featured small businesses in our host cities. Wherever possible, we’re also sourcing local ingredients and products from the featured region to support their local economy. When the world opens back up, we want to be sure there is still a world we can travel to.

Help us lift up the artisans, chefs, and hosts that for decades have graciously invited us into their shops, homes, and restaurants to share their passion, trade, and culture with us.