Get in the mood

Benvenuto!! Welcome to your Florence stay-vaycation (see what we did there 😉)!! You've arrived and are ready to start exploring this beautiful town!! Here are a few ways you can set the mood to bring Florence to your living room.


Pop the bubbly!  
We hope you loved your surprise gift! We thought these beautiful eparé flutes were an absolute must for an Italian getaway!! Sooooo first things first, grab your flutes and peach sugar cubes, and just add bubbly for an instant Bellini! In Italy, they say Salute (or Cin Cin) to cheers. Salute means “to your health.” So Salute to you and enjoy your in-home getaway!

Put on some Italian tunes to set the mood.

We’ve curated this Spotify playlist with some of our favorites – put it on in the background as you’re taking your virtual tour or preparing for your cooking and watercolor class.

Practice some key phrases

  • Per favore. Please.
  • Grazie. Thank you.
  • Prego. You're welcome.
  • Mi scusi. Excuse me.
  • Buon giorno. Good morning.
  • Buona sera.  Good evening.
  • Buona notte. Good night.
  • Come sta? How are you?
  • Parla inglese?  Do you speak English?
  • Mi chiamo Martin.  My name is Martin.
  • Cin cin or Salute!  Cheers!

 Bring Italy to your dining room

  • Don’t throw out that can your tomatoes were in! Give it a rinse, and throw in some flowers for a unique, rustic vase.
  • Light a few candles
  • Put on the Spotify playlist or stream this video of Florence in 4K, and it will feel like you’re there.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Chianti Classico and the goods for your Negroni 😊.