Virtual ladies’ night in with TROVE

We know the importance of much-needed girl time, and like you, we’re chomping at the bit to break out our passports with our besties again!

But, while we optimistically wait for that, we’ve got the next best thing. Travel the globe virtually with a mini get-away with TROVE with your favorite ladies. Here’s the idea: you and your besties all order a TROVE box, and we’ll bring the adventure to you. Here’s a few ideas for how to make a night out of it! 

Ladies night on zoom with wine

Rally the ladies!  

Send the texts out and pick a time that works for everyone. Take charge and send out the Zoom link early, saving yourself the trouble on the day of your party! 

Another option is to be a little extra and send out a fancy Evite. You might be sending the ladies the first formal invitation they’ve received in over a year, so your gathering will already be set apart from your other Zoom dates!  

What to wear?

A HUGE perk of being at home for your girls’ night is you can wear whatever you want! Throw on a pair of cute PJ’s and fuzzy slippers. No need to get fancy, your besties aren’t judging your fashion choices! Oh, and makeup is definitely optional.


Online shopping is more popular than ever, so we know you’ve experienced the excitement of unboxing your latest purchase! We’re obsessed with influencers unboxing videos on Instagram and YouTube, so one fun way to start your night is to go through all your new goodies together.


But first, drinks!

We’ll start cooking dinner next, but drinks are a must to kick off your get-together. Get creative with your cocktails! We’re talking fancy garnishes and Instagram-worthy creations. Our latest Valentine’s box comes with cute cocktail glasses and a book filled with different spritz recipes to help spark inspiration.

 Cocktail spritz with cocktail book

Dinner time!

Our box will provide each of you with ingredients to make a delicious meal in your own kitchen. Together, you’ll all tune into our cooking class where our chef will help you prepare your dinner. The instruction will be fun and easy to follow, so don’t worry if you’ve already had one or two of those fancy cocktails you made beforehand!

It’ll be soooo rewarding afterward to taste your dish that you made from start to finish! Yum.

 Handmade Heart Ravioli pasta

Now it’s time to relax…

Once dinner is over and you’re ready to chill, put your feet up and just spend some relaxing time with your girls.

Oh! Don’t forget some face masks and dessert, both essential parts to a chill girls’ night-in. Good skin care and chocolate works wonders for the soul.


Looking for a way to celebrate Galentine’s Day together?  Check out our special Valentine’s Day box that brings Italy to your doorstep – order yours by February 7th.




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  • What a great idea! The only problem is that I don’t know anyone who orders this. I would love to participate with a FUN group of women. Is there any way to hook me up with a group? Any reply is completely appreciated.


    Sue Cooper

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