Visiting Seattle’s Gum Wall

Emilie and Erika, founders of TROVE at Seattle's Gum Wall


Tucked in an alleyway just beneath the famous fish throwing in Pike Place Market is Seattle’s famous Gum Wall. This might sound gross at first, but there really is a quirky beauty to the colorful gum-filled walls.


Gum and signs on Seattle's Gum Wall

It all started with Improv

Started in the 1990s when local patrons stood in line for an improv show at Post Alley’s Market Theater, the Gum Wall has grown to over 50 feet, covering most of the alleyway. Fun fact: it was cleaned once by Pike Place Market. They spent 3 days in 2015 cleaning a whopping 2,350 pounds of gum that had accumulated over a few decades. The very next day, visitors started adding more gum to the wall, and you would never guess it’s ever been cleared.


Gum Wall in Post Alley in Seattle

How to find the Gum Wall

If you’re approaching the main entrance with the large neon “Public Market” sign, head down the ramp to the Left (look for the Market Theater sign). At the bottom of the ramp, veer left into Post Alley and you’ll see the Gum Wall will appear on both sides. If you’re facing the famous fish throwing stand, Pike Place Fish, there is a stairwell right behind you that will also lead right down to the Gum Wall.

During your visit

Whether you’re pro-gum or not, this is definitely worth a stop when you’re visiting Pike Place Market. The colorful gum makes for a fun, colorful background for an iconic photo. Pro tip: You can find gum at Ghost Alley Espresso, a cute little coffee shop right beside The Gum Wall that also has wonderful artisanal coffee from local Northwest roasters.

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