Our surprise gift, Beeswax Food Wraps handmade in Chiang Mai

We squealed when we saw this behind-the-scenes look at the making of your Spring Box surprise gift! We’re so excited for you to receive these colorful, handmade gifts—Beeswax Food Wraps!

We thought we’d share more about the wonderful woman founder and maker of these wraps, and share how these products were specially made for our TROVE Travelers!

Meet the Maker

The adorable beeswax wraps are handmade in Chiang Mai by SABU-SABU Natural Lifestyle (@SABUSABULIFE). Located in Chiang Mai and founded by American-Thai, Virginia Bird, we love Virginia’s dedication to creating high-quality and environmentally-friendly products.

“From day one I’ve been stepping back in time and making products the way they used to be made--the way they should always be made,” says Virginia. “No short cuts and never a hint of harmful chemicals that modern science has so painstakingly altered from nature in order to make things cheaper and faster.”

The wraps are a great way to reduce plastic usage in the kitchen.  This wrap is a great and very ‘green’ alternative for plastic wraps. Use it to cover just about anything except raw or cooked meat. The wraps are great for fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, leftovers, drinks and packed lunches. The combination of Beeswax and Organic Pinon Pine Resin aid to preserve and prolong the shelf life of food. Plus, they’re super cute!

How they are made

Step 1: First, each piece of fabric is measured and individually hand-cut with serrated scissors.

Cutting fabric squares
Step 2: Then, the beeswax is broken into manageable and meltable pieces.

Breaking up beeswax

Step 3:The beeswax and Organic Pinon Pine Resin are added to the pot, along with any remaining residue on the cutting board to avoid any wastage.

Beeswax and Organic Pinon Pine Resin are added to the pot

Step 4: After the beeswax and Organic Pinon Pine Resin are entirely melted, the fabric is then dipped into the hot wax by hand, coating the entire piece of fabric. It is then allowed to air dry.

Fabric dipped into beeswax

Step 5: The envelopes and labels are carefully prepared as the wax dries. We love the personal touch with our TROVE logo on the back – it’s our first TROVE co-branded product!!

TROVE logos being cut

Step 6: Finally, the wraps are carefully folded and placed in their envelopes and ready to ship!

Food wraps being inserted into envelopes with TROVE labels

How to use

We gave our annual subscribers a choice between the bright pineapple print or the cheery watermelons, but you really cannot go wrong with either of these two. To use, you simply wrap or fold the wrap over your food items or containers. The warmth from your hands will mold the wrap into desired shape.

Clean-up is super easy, just gentle wash with your hands or soft sponge with cold water and preferably natural dish soap (if needed). DO NOT put it in the dishwasher!!!  Allow wrap to dry properly and store until your next use.


Order your Spring TROVE Box to travel virtually to Chiang Mai, Thailand by March 4th to join us for the 2 included live events.  The online Cooking Class with Chef Mae is on March 13th and the tour of the elephant sanctuary is on March 20th. We hope to see you soon!

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