Our favorite Negroni recipe

We’re starting a new TROVE tradition and will share a new recipe, cocktail, or tip from our featured city every week!

To start things off, we’re sharing our go-to Negroni recipe. Let’s be honest, we can all probably use a cocktail with school starting backup again…and heck, to toast to all of 2020. 🙃

Negroni Recipe


2 oz Gin

2 oz Sweet vermouth (our favorite? Dolin Blanc!)

2 oz Campari

Twist of orange peel


Negroni is an easy recipe to remember, because it’s equal parts gin, vermouth, and Campari. Add those three friends to some ice and stir until nice and chilly.

If you’re feeling fancy, we recommend dropping in a large ice cube and garnishing with an orange peel or dash of Orange bitters.  

That’s it!  Enjoy and Salute!

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