Our Bordeaux surprise gift-French market bag!

We’re getting so excited to kick off our adventure to Bordeaux, France with TROVE travelers this summer! As soon as you open your box, you’ll find a unique set of snacks, ingredients and tools to help you explore Bordeaux, including our surprise gift: an adorable French market bag! 

 French market tote

This quintessential French accessory can be found anywhere you go in France but are most commonly found in France’s many open-air marchés (markets). Can’t you just picture it? A leisurely walk between vendors with your stylish new shopping tote in Marche des Quais, one of Bordeaux’s most popular outdoor markets nestled the banks of the Garonne River, surrounded by colorful piles of produce, fresh-baked baguettes and bright bouquets of flowers… It sounds absolutely dreamy!

This popular style of reusable bag is a favorite of locals. When you head out to shop for ingredients before our cooking class with the awesome Chef Pascaline, you’ll want to take this bag to the grocery store with you to get a full French cooking experience from the beginning of your recipe to the end!

 French market with fresh olives

In 2016, plastic shopping bags were banned by law in France due to environmental concerns. Did you know that they average plastic bag is used for an average of 12 minutes before it’s discarded? Then, each bag will stay in the landfill for 1,000 years before decomposing. Each time you use your new market bag, you’ll be reducing the damaging environmental impact of unrecyclable plastics. And you’ll look good while doing it!

Other than being fantastic for cutting down on your environmental footprint, this durable netted bag can hold up to 40(!) pounds. It’s small and easily compact, but the classic design allows the bag to stretch to carry whatever you desire: groceries, flowers, books, laundry, beach gear or wine. 

 TROVE: French Market tote bag

Does the netted design look familiar? In the 1800s, fisherman and locals in Normandy, France realized that the sturdy design of their fishing nets would make the perfect durable bag for others uses besides catching fish. And now, we get to benefit from their bright idea! 


Our Summer experience in Bordeaux is coming up quickly, and we’re so excited! Be sure to grab your box by June 11th, so you can attend our exclusive, live cooking class to make an authentic French meal with the amazing Chef Pascaline! À bientôt (see you soon)!

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