Meet our Bordeaux Chef, Pascaline!

TROVE Travelers, we are beyond excited for you to meet the incredible Chef Pascaline Camblong from Bordeaux, France. Her passion for her craft as a Pastry Chef is so inspiring!

You’ll feel right at home with her bubbly, friendly personality and we’re going to have so much fun making a delicious, authentic Bordeaux meal (and of course, a dessert!) with her in our Summer TROVE Experience.

Chef Pascaline TROVE
TROVers will learn to prepare Magret de Canard (or duck breast in English) in a fun twist on a burger, drizzled with a decadent cheese sauce and topped with onions caramelized in mint honey. Pascaline will also show you how to make Tomate Façon Pomme D’amour, a unique candied-apple inspired tomato appetizer (this will be your new favorite way to eat tomatoes, trust us!). And for dessert, Chouquettes! These are adorable bite-sized pastry puffs. Pascaline has so many fun tips she will share in her LIVE Online Cooking Class, you won’t want to miss it!

Chef Pascaline’s journey

Chef Pascaline quit her corporate job in 2017, and decided to make a giant life change by following her heart to pursue her passion in pastry. She taught herself and then went on to obtain a diploma from a pastry school, all on her own! Pascaline is a total badass and her impressive resume speaks for itself, as she spent time working in the kitchens of an impressive list of chefs in Bordeaux, including Phillipe Etchebest, Pierre Mathieu and Gordon Ramsey.

In 2018, she started her own cooking school in Bordeaux to share her passion and teach others, and she was recently a contestant on the 4th season of Le Meilleur Pâtissier Professionnel, a competition similar to The Great British Baking Show (one of our favorites!). Here’s a preview of the show and their interview (Sorry, both are in French!). The show just started airing on May 4th! We can’t wait to see where Pascaline goes in the competition!! Crossing our fingers for her! 😊

We are beyond honored to add Pascaline to our amazing line up of female TROVE chefs!

Here is a fun Q&A with Chef Pascaline!

Chef Pascaline | Bordeaux TROVE Box
What first drew you to cooking?
My father is a cooking teacher, my grandmother had a restaurant and they taught me pastry when I was a child, so I think it’s in my blood. Both my father and grandmother cooked very traditional French cuisine.

I have few memories from that period in my life, but they are sensory memories – smells, sounds of banging pots & pans, the taste of apple beignets that my grandmother made. It was “bonheur” (happiness)- simple and true.

It’s been now almost 7 years that I’ve been cooking and I love it!

How did you get started teaching others to cook?
Before being a teacher, I was a product manager in the food industry and on the side, I started a YouTube channel where I shared recipes because I’ve always been passionate about pastry and just cooking in general. As a product manager, I worked with various teams to bring products to life, which included research and development, purchasing, purchasing, design... all up until we got a final product we were happy with!

In 2017, I quit my job to obtain my pastry chef diploma. I was working in a large corporation and one day, it clicked for me: I couldn’t understand what I was doing and didn’t understand what I served. I realized that I wasn’t happy and I needed to listen to my heart.

Then, I worked at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Bordeaux. In 2018, I built my own cooking company, La Crème des Bordelaises, teaching children and adults. I wanted to share all my personal tips and my new professional skills with everyone.

How long have you lived in Bordeaux? What do you love about it?
I have been living in Bordeaux for six years. It is a city where la dolce vita (the good life) reigns, including the pleasure of strolling along the Garonne River and observing the architecture of Bordeaux. All this while being a few kilometers away from the ocean.

Pascaline Cooking Class

How would you describe your cooking school, La Crème des Bordelaises? What do you love most about it?
At our school, the focus is sharing the skills needed to prepare French cuisine and to highlight the raw product. Classes, which are also available via partners outside of Bordeaux, are designed to be accessible to all cooking skill levels, including children! La Crème des Bordelaises also offers private classes, team building activities for companies, web content creation (pictures and videos) for businesses and pastry-specific sales training for bakeries.

What do you like about teaching people to cook? How would you describe your teaching style?
I love sharing my passion and seeing the sparkle in the eyes of my students when they succeed in a recipe. I would describe my teaching style as very educational, but I always like to emphasize having fun while learning.

What are some of your favorite dishes?
I'm a chocolate fan and love macarons, so I would say chocolate macarons. I’m also a huge, huge fan of cheesy pancakes, a nice mix of a light pancake mix with cheese (YUM!). I could eat those all day long! I am a breakfast fan – salty breakfasts, and I love making avocado toast and soft- boiled eggs (I’m the queen of soft-boiled eggs!).

How has COVID impacted you personally and your business?
COVID has had a strong impact on my activity and business. France recently entered a third national lockdown in early April, closing non-essential businesses and schools for four weeks. I exclusively carry out workshops at home and I try new products and develop content for companies by creating recipes, tips on how to use the product, and tasting notes. However, I look forward to teaching live classes again so I can truly help learn more about people and how to help them learn. It’s much easier to fix someone’s hands or measurements in-person.

Pascaline dessert | TROVE
How can people find you on social media?
You can find my cooking school on Instagram @lacremedesbordelaises and if you are ever in Bordeaux come join me in-person.
For recipes and inspiration, you can visit my pastry Instagram and my blog (which will be partly in English): @pascaline_stagram_lmpp4 and

We’re already getting excited to head to Bordeaux! For details of what TROVE travelers will receive in this awesome box, check it out here. Be sure to order yours by early June to catch our LIVE exclusive cooking class with Chef Pascaline!


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